There are many Recomind Only features which are not available in other platforms

With Recomind you can send campaigns across channels, emails, SMS, Push notifications, along with cross channel follow ups. Thus engaging your with customers at the highest level.

It is no secret that a targeted campaign yields more open rates and fewer unsubscriptions/spams. With Recomind’s in - built CRM tool, create targeted segments with just a click.

With Recomind, you can design awe-inspiring HTML campaigns from scratch, with a user-friendly interface & a wizard like approach, making campaign creation a cakewalk for any user.

We know that A/B testing is the bread & butter of any campaign manager. Recomind automates A/B testing for your, allowing you to judge the best HTML & subject line for your campaign.

At the heart of Recomind are the Machine Learning algorithms, which makes campaigns more efficient & result oriented. Recomind’s has features like Sendout optimization and HTML spam analyzer, making it an end to end marketing automation engine.

With Recomind, you can send automated follow up campaigns for your marketing campaigns, thus ensuring better engagement with your customers.

With Recomind’s rich dashboards, you get to track your campaign metrics & performance at the most intricate level, allowing you to plan your future campaigns for better metrics.

Trusted by leading internet businesses

Harness the power of machine learning for your marketing campaigns


Track your customers behavior and reach out to them when they are most likely to read your campaign


Recomind helps you avoid sending emails to invalid users and protects your domain reputation


Recomind ensures that your customers read your message through cross-channel reach out

Our plans starts at
$49 for 100,000 emails