About Recomind

With multiple digital channels available for touchpoint with your customers, it becomes a mandate for you to interact & engage them at every level. This interaction needs to be efficient, with a highly targeted content, lest you risk losing your customers/prospective customers.

Recomind is a full-service digital campaign management platform for marketing professionals, which helps you engage with your customers across channels. It allows you to create high quality content & share it with your targeted customers, engaging them in an efficient manner. Recomind allows you to increase your campaign’s ROI with its Machine Learning & AI capabilities like Send out optimization, user targeting, cross – channel follow ups, to name a few.

Powered by AWS, Recomind helps you generate product recommendations for your customers and increases customer engagement. You can send transactional & promotional emails, SMS, push notifications through Recomind. With Recomind’s rich analytical dashboards and reports, you can track your campaign’s performance to the depth of understanding user behavior for each campaign. This helps you plan your future campaigns to increase campaign performance.

Recomind has a dedicated team of email and domain experts, who help you in domain warming up, content moderation and IP warm up, to enhance your campaigns & improve the deliverability.

You can integrate Recomind to track customer click-stream data from your website or mobile app, understand their behavior and recommend products in real-time to the customers through both on-line (website, mobile site) and off-line channels. Recomind is designed to provide you with an easy workflow.